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Our team of corporate lawyers in Dubai are at hand to provide practical and risk-focused legal advice and to advise on and prepare “tailor-made” commercial agreements for your businesses.


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Expertise On Corporate Legal Matters In UAE

Our team of civil defense lawyers and legal consultants in UAE provides legal advice on all practice areas such as commercial law in Dubai with respect to legal matters including selling, purchasing, import, trade, transportation, financier, and security laws, and guidelines. We furnish expected financial specialists with all administrations identifying with the obtainment of a sheltered and stable speculation and return, including the best exchange methodology.

Commercial disputes mainly arise when, entities fail to carry out agreed services or fail to pay due amounts.  Commercial claims are generally varied and could include amongst others:

Corporate lawyers in the UAE

Corporate law in UAE is that branch of law that deals with matters governing companies and businesses’ rights and relations and is therefore very commonly referred to as the ‘Business law’. This branch of law calls for a specialized lawyer such as a ‘corporate lawyer’ with expertise in all matters concerning business and corporate law in the UAE.

The UAE Federal Law no. 2 of 2015 on commercial companies and its amendments, commonly referred to as the ‘corporate law’ of UAE, deals with all aspects, including the working environment, economic position, international norms and governance rules concerning commercial companies in the UAE. This law has been specially formulated to promote foreign investment in the country and to ensure a working environment and regulatory framework that promotes development.

In a variety of matters that a corporate lawyer or consultant lawyer can advise you include, amongst others:

  • Legal advice concerning the laws and regulations that specifically govern the industry of your business.
  • Legal advice on employment matters in the UAE and in structuring the right legal policies in compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Legal advice concerning the “intellectual property” (IP) of your company, choosing the right strategy to effectively protect and register the IP and also how to monetize the brand value of your IP.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and Joint ventures: Corporate lawyers in the UAE can strategize, structure complex contracts and the required due diligence for completing the deals.
  • Understanding the latest changes in the UAE laws and help re-structuring your company policies to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Legal advice in establishing new company entities or res-structuring the business structure of the company considering the corporate structure of holding company, free zone company and UAE mainland companies.
  • Legal advice on tax obligations and double taxation avoidance treaties.

Our experience team of corporate lawyers routinely assist both local and international clients with diverse corporate transactional matters, including:


Joint ventures


Business incorporation


Corporate structuring


Due diligence


Commercial contracts


Dispute settlement & negotiations

With the involvement with bank related cases, speaking to and neutralizing budgetary organizations, Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants offers help with closing agreements and intermediaries, innovation correspondence, and banking enactment. We likewise offer obligation assortment administrations and recuperation for people and organizations working in the U.A.E and abroad.

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