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We strive to deliver the highest level of legal services whilst addressing the array of legal challenges faced by businesses and individuals alike. This fundamental mission embodies all that we deal with and results in a timely, transparent and effective litigation process.


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Sara Ibrahim / Founding Partner

Sara Ibrahim Ali Ahmed is the founding partner of ‘Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants’. Sara is a qualified UAE lawyer holding a Master’s degree in law specializing in ‘Private Law’.

Being a bilingual lawyer, Sara is proficient in Arabic and English languages and is licensed to represent her clients in all UAE courts and Arbitration centers. Admired for her dynamism, Sara brings her rich legal expertise with a focus to provide practical solutions to complex issues faced by clients and does not hesitate in challenging conventions and establishing higher service standards.

She specializes in all types of litigation and dispute resolution matters, including but not limited to corporate & commercial, banking, maritime & transport, real estate etc. and endeavors to bring in a high–end personalized approach conforming to international legal standards of practice.

International Standards

Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the U.A.E’s most highly revered full service legal firms. Our distinctive business approach and commitment to understanding our clients and the markets in which they operate underpin our success and reputation. Committed to servicing clients in the U.A.E and with further offices worldwide, Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the top legal companies in Dubai that combines a high-end personalized approach with International standards and an unparalleled knowledge of the most complex aspects of the law.

Recognizing the importance of a bespoke approach, our multinational and multilingual team of lawyers have undergone the most up to date training and offer services in a number of languages including Arabic, English, French, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Iranian, and Tagalog. Approachable and dependable, our team share a common goal of delivering the best possible legal solutions to a diverse client base who consistently receive exceptional representation across a broad range of areas including labor, corporate & commercial, banking, maritime & transport, litigation & arbitration, and real estate. Contact the biggest law firms in Dubai

Our Values

Our legal service values a mix of practical experience and legal know-how. Our legal advisors are all expected to be exemplary professionals with proven skills and extensive international legal experience whose backgrounds allow us to approach each client’s needs from a multitude of angles. We have a progressive approach to development, with continued investment in the firm, our people and our facilities. We provide our legal advisers with on-the-job training and research facilities so that they are well-equipped to deal with current and specific legal issues in the U.A.E.

The experience and expertise of our partners go beyond providing a legal service. Always at the fore, our partners are skilled at leading small, close-knit teams and at developing real relationships with clients through a genuine in-depth understanding of their needs.

Our size allows us to be entrepreneurial in approach and exceptional in efficiency & become one of the biggest law firm in Dubai. Moving in tandem with the fast-paced economy of the U.A.E, we value our ability to adapt quickly and act swiftly in accordance with developing areas of law and business.

We fight only the battles that are worth winning. Unlike other law firms, we look beyond giving what is expected of us. We strive to resolve the most complex issues by weighing up all possible solutions and choosing those which will benefit our clients the most. This approach has attracted a long and loyal list of clients to our firm and considered as one of the biggest legal companies in Dubai, UAE.