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Debt Collection & ADR

Mission Statement

Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants Debt Collection provides world-class debt collection and recovery services, taking action before debts reach a critical stage and achieving the highest recovery rate through amicable solutions with minimum trouble and comparatively low costs. Our duty to preserve the integrity of our clients and our own reputation in the industry is at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to operating in an entirely professional manner.

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Cost Reduction Value

Our debt recovery team will collect payment on behalf of clients, allowing them to focus on their business and taking action before debtor accounts exceed acceptable limits. Debtors are dealt with in a non-compromising manner so as to avoid uncomfortable situations or damaging important relationships. Contact the best debt collection service in Dubai.

Debt Recovery Division

We provide excellent debt collection service Dubai that meets all your business needs. Contact us for more details.

At Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants, we provide excellent debt collection service Dubai. If our pre-legal action is unsuccessful, we have the skills and experience to undertake legal action on behalf of clients.

Should lawful activity become fundamental, we furnish lawful experts with an information on the specific exchanging laws of the nation in question. Our company’s way of thinking is to guarantee that customers are constantly counseled in detail and that possible expenses and time ramifications of any lawful activity being considered are shared from the beginning.

Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants Debt Collection Department is bolstered by very much qualified lawyers legal consultants who are close by to offer successful lawful help wherever required.

Our vision is to keep up acknowledgment as the most reliable debt collection and recovery firm in the market, with strong qualities and standards and with an emphasis on the financial sector in UAE. Get in touch with the best collection service in Dubai.

Our obligation assortment focus has fused the most recent innovation to smooth out the obligation recuperation process and sends set up best acts of the assortment business. This empowers us to offer the most proficient support which addresses the issues of the advanced world.

At a local level, Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants Collection and Recovery Special Handling Team gives brisk and compelling arrangements as indicated by explicit time periods and with the help of Field Agents who actually arrange the repayment of contribution with indebted individuals.

We value embracing close working associations with each customer and on giving day by day progress reports to guarantee full straightforwardness and move certainty. We comprehend that immediate and productive obligation recuperation is absolutely critical and work enthusiastically to accomplish a fast arrangement.

Our Values

  • To achieve all collection and recovery activities in strict compliance with local laws and best practices.
  • To focus on a ‘creative problem solving’ approach by educating debtors the best settlement solutions without compromising our clients.
  • To provide constant and consistent advice to debtors in order to improve their relations with our clients.
  • To execute collection and recovery services in the most professional manner whilst also adhering to confidentiality, protecting clients’ rights and collecting their full dues.
  • To implement and adhere to strict privacy policies relating to all actions before, during and after settlement.

Services / Areas

Our debt collection services include several processes and our specific areas of expertise are as follows;

Debt Management Plan

Commercial debt is debt owed or due by a business where goods and services have been sold and relating invoices have not been paid. Unfortunately, in the current global recessionary climate, commercial debt is becoming more and more common as is the need for professional debt recovery firms.

Unpaid invoices can have extremely detrimental effects on a business if not handled correctly and can influence cash flow, turnover, credit ratings, and even reputation. Debt collection can be incredibly difficult, particularly during tough economic times, and if not dealt with as soon as possible.

At Sara Ibrahim Advocates & Legal Consultants we provide a debt recovery service that is simple, effective, and fast. We make every effort to professionally handle our client’s debts as if they were our own whilst also ensuring that the goodwill between businesses and their customers is maintained.